What To Expect In Counseling

Counseling looks different for every individual and couple. We will go over initial paperwork, office policies, and any questions you may have. I will ask you what your primary issues are as well as for a brief history of your issues or relationship. Finally, we will talk about your goals for counseling and discuss what you can expect the process to look like. The initial assessment usually takes two sessions, and by the end of those we will put together a treatment plan and a road map for therapy. For couples, it is important that both of you are present at the first session so that we are all in the same page.

Usually people have a long or short story as to why they have decided to engage counseling at this specific point in time. I often ask people, “why now? What happened that you decided to start this today?” It is helpful to think through what brought you to counseling¬†as it informs and directs the process.