Divorce Counseling & Recovery

There is Life After Divorce

Reality of Divorce

Going through divorce is like living through an earthquake, and coming out alive after the ground stops shaking. But everything you knew and understood to be true has been turned upside down. Your life, and yourself, are fractured. And you scramble to regain some sense of control and understanding in this new reality, while having to figure out how to put things back together.

To make matters worse, you now live in an emotional paradox, with seemingly conflicting emotions existing at the same time within you. You might be feeling free and at the same time incredibly sad. Your grief will come with a sense of relief, maybe even joy, but you still find yourself crying randomly. You desperately want to be close to someone but you are afraid of getting near anyone.

Divorce Counseling & Recovery

Divorce recovery will help you make sense of what you are feeling and put the pieces of your life back together. You can learn how to navigate old and new relationships, while building more confidence and trust in yourself. An experienced guide will show you a path through the fractures and aftershocks, and lead you into a new life, full of joy, purpose and wholeness, through the process of divorce counseling.

New Reality

  • You now live in a new normal. Everything you knew, understood, defined yourself by is different.
  • You live with a lot of tension. Tension in relationships and how to connect with people you knew and people you meet. Tension around your identity, purpose and vision in life.
  • You have no idea what life is going to look like. All you know is what you had, and you no longer have that. So you are struggling to figure out what life looks like now.
  • Alone, you face the unknown, the unfamiliar, and a vision of life you have never experienced. And it is scary. You need courage to move forward and support while you find it.

Divorce RecoveryNo one goes into marriage thinking that one day it will end up in divorce. But the reality is that divorce happens, and it is incredibly difficult to deal with the ending of a marriage.

Marriages end for a number of reasons, but always leave individuals feeling a range of emotions with the void that is created.

Although terrifying, the void can actually create space for insight, self awareness, joy and a full life.

Divorce Recovery

Divorce is that pronounced signifier that you are now alone. No longer married, but not what we typically think of as single; divorce feels hopeless, confusing and isolating.

You wonder where your place is, where you fit in, and what you will do.

This is a critical time in your life, and it’s important to have a guide who can help you navigate the unknown path ahead of you.

Divorce Recovery

You can make it out of this. You can find a way out of the wreckage and aftershocks. You can stop hurting, start healing, and find a new path in your life.

There are better ways than others to recover from divorce, where you don’t prolong the pain, or make it worse, but instead create space to heal and fill the void that was left behind.

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