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  Marriage Counseling

Feeling lonely? Disconnected? Do you feel like you are only roommates? Do you wonder where the “spark” went? Does it feel like you constantly argue? Or do you hardly talk at all? Marriage counseling can help the two of you reconnect, learn to trust one another, and discover a deeper level of intimacy and love.

09-Magnify  Individual Counseling

I offer counseling to individuals facing any number of life’s challenges. From marriage and relationships, to anxiety and depression, grief and loss, anyone is welcome to receive help with what they are facing.

  Support for Life Transitions04-Signs

Life is full of surprises, transitions and change. Some of these are hard to navigate and understand. Many are unexpected and out of the blue, throwing us into crisis. Transition is always easier to go through with someone else, who can help guide and provide a roadmap.

When you feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed or confused, know there is a safe place you can go to get through this. Transitions put a lot of stress on us, making it easier to isolate, become depressed or anxious, or just drift away from relationships at a time when we need them the most.

08-Coffee  Stress & Anxiety

When stress and anxiety become overwhelming and unbearable, that’s when we need help. If your work, relationships and life are being impacted this way, counseling can help you regain peace and confidence in your life.

02-Clouds  Depression

Everyone feels “blue” once in a while. But if you have felt deep sadness, hopelessness, emptiness, and lost interest or pleasure in most things you might be struggling with depression. The good news is that counseling can help you get out of this painful and frustrating cycle.

  Anger Management14-Cone

Do you feel that your anger controls you? Is it impacting your relationships and work? Do you explode and don’t know why? If you have an anger problem counseling can help. You can learn to control your anger, regain stability in your life and rebuild relationships.

13-Map  Premarital Counseling

Engaged? Dating and considering marriage? Pre-marital counseling can help you as a couple talk through problems now and strengthen your bond before you make a lifelong commitment. It’s a great way to start a strong foundation for the most important relationship of your life.

11-Books  Counseling for Adolescents

Being a teenager isn’t always easy. There are relationships, change, peer dynamics and family to navigate. Sometimes it feels like no one understands or you have no one to talk to. Come spend some time with someone who is on your side.

05-Life  Addictions

You are not a problem to be fixed, but you have one that can be. Addictions can ruin lives, regardless of what flavor they come in. They also carry with them a lot of shame and negative self talk. If you are struggling with an addiction, know there is a place where you can find acceptance and healing while regaining control in your life.

  Divorce Recovery and Re-Marriage01-Sun

Divorce is one of the most painful, and often times traumatic, experiences anyone can go through. The paradox of feelings is overwhelming, regardless of what side you are on. Divorce recovery can help you through the loss and change, grieve and process the end of your marriage, and learn how to move forward.

Divorced and considering re-marriage, but afraid of making the same mistakes again? Counseling can help you sort through what went wrong the first time so that you can avoid repeating the past.

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