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Counseling facilitates self-awareness, change and personal growth. We become healthy individually and together as we understand our stories, emotions and experiences. Once we understand why these things are happening we can begin to change them and build the relationships we so deeply desire.

It is a privilege and honor to walk with you through life’s challenges and help you create a healthy, loving and intimate relationship. Through respect, acceptance and patience, we strive to alleviate the fears and concerns that come with entering therapy, and help create a welcoming and safe environment.

Our mission at The Karibuni Center is to help individuals and couples find relief from conflict, discomfort and crisis. We want everyone to experience relationships where they can be feel safe, be vulnerable and find joy and happiness in intimacy together.
We know that live brings challenges and struggles, and that they can be overcome through help and support outside of ourselves.

We understand that every relationship and marriage goes through a period of time where the couple feels disconnected and one or both partner’s needs are not being met. We also know that crisis happens but that it does not mean the end. We believe in hope, healing and reconciliation for each person and couple, and strive to make that possible.

We all struggle with different things in our lives, and feel like no one else understands us. A lot of times we feel as if we are the only ones, and we feel alone. The good news is that help is here, you are not alone, and you can get through this.

We believe we are at our best individually when we feel secure in our lives and relationships. The best way to do this is to experience it, and your therapist can help you do that.

Does your marriage feel stuck? Do you feel like roommates, or business partners at best? Do all your conversations revolve around the kids or work? Are you unhappy where you are together? Are you two facing a crisis, or has something blown up your marriage? There is hope! Counseling can help you find happiness and rekindle the love you once had.
Relationships are incredibly important, and many studies have shown the benefits of being in a committed relationship. But we also know that these relationships experience struggles at times, regardless of commitment level. If you and your partner are struggling to stay connected or deepen what you already have, you are at the right place. Couples counseling can help you get through where you are to where you want to be.
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